Rawger North's undying will to succeed in the music industry as a multi-faceted artist is at an all time high after the untimely deaths of cousin and brother (fellow artists) in 2016.

Bringing fourth a multitude of sounds and styles into his his first full length album "Mister Rawger's Neighborhood," every record will be sure to please, and not just fans of hip hop & rap, but acoustic lovers, funk followers, indie hop heads, and soul seekers of R & B. Two singles off of the project, "Down Down Down", and "Year of the Bag", have debuted with impressive numbers and are scheduled for music videos to accompany them.  Hailing from El Paso, Texas Rawger found himself as director of sales and marketing at the multi-platinum engineering & production studio in Arlington, Texas known as "The Rechordium".  His album is scheduled to drop on Halloween of 2018.